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SEO Pricing Plans

rupee Zee Smm Website design, Hosting Zee Smm

Bronze Plan

seo 5 Zee Smm Website design, Hosting Zee Smm

₹ 999

Ideal for Bloggers/Start-Ups/Small Businesses with one website.

Tracking 1 domain in 1 search engine

Tracking 10 keywords

Get Search Volume

Keyword Research

Silver Plan

tag Zee Smm Website design, Hosting Zee Smm

₹ 1999

Great for ecommerce, with the goal to reach massive audiences.

Tracking 1 domain and 2 search engines

Tracking 30 keywords

Get Search Volume

Keyword Research

Monthly SEO Ranking Report

Social Media Tracking

Gold Plan

seo 4 Zee Smm Website design, Hosting Zee Smm

₹ 4999

Ideal for big companies that need to cover all SEO issues on their site

Tracking 2 domains in 2 search engines

Tracking 100 keywords

Get Search Volume

Keyword Research

Monthly SEO Ranking Report

Social Media Tracking

Analytics and Search Console integration

Marketing SEO Ranking Report

Internal linking suggestions

What good is more traffic if it doesn't result in additional sales?

Our full suite of services is designed to push your website onto the first page of Google’s search engine results pages. This, in turn, boosts exposure and engagement, which then leads to more leads, sales, and conversions.

We make it a point to provide a comprehensive plan for all projects. We start with thorough market research and develop plans on what services will bring more traffic and revenue to your business through improved online visibility and conversions. We closely monitor each aspect of your campaign, ensuring you receive timely updates about its performance.

Not to brag, but our SEO campaigns are effective. Our team makes it a point to stay updated with the latest news, trends, and research to ensure we apply these to your campaigns. We have several case studies you can browse to read about client experiences. A dedicated account manager will be your direct point of contact for any concerns, and a team of SEO experts will work on your project around the clock to ensure it is executed and working according to best practice principles.

Lucknow SEO Company

If you’re in need of a high quality, cost effective and results driven SEO agency you’re in the right place.

Since our inception in 2017 we have helped businesses of all sizes, from small start ups to national brands, achieve business growth through improved search engine visibility.

As a professional SEO company in Lucknow, we follow a tried and tested method for delivering great results. We listen, strategies, execute, measure, and adapt. The results? A better website for you—one that is loved by Google, more visible online, and more profitable for your business.

 Contact us today for more information. If your website is lagging behind the competition, wait no further. Get back in the race by partnering with us today.

SEO search engine optimaization

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