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Website Disclaimer Template

Website disclaimer template free download on zeesmm

Generally it is always a good practice to have a website disclaimer so that a viewer of a website cannot make a claim against a site damages suffered in some way by relying on information posted on your site. All sites require and should contain some type of disclaimer.

What is a Website Disclaimer

website disclaimer states the limitations of your liability for the use of your website and the information it contains.

Download Disclaimer Template

Note –  These are just  Free Sample Templates in-order to use them on your own website you have to make some changes. For Example  Your Company Name, Your Website URL, Address.

A website disclaimer relates to your specific website content. These disclaimers are not generally required under any specific law. But, using the appropriate website disclaimer on your website is necessary to avoid legal liability in many instances. Website disclaimers are essentially used to: i) walk away from some responsibility or potential liability; or ii) to limit or to disclaim some association or affiliation with something or someone.

By including specific language on a website, website visitors may be restricted on what claims they can bring against the site operators. As a practical matter, a website disclaimer is often used by the courts to help determine the intent of your business practices and extent of your liability for your website content. In this sense, you should think of them as legally required. In order to draft an effective disclaimer, you need to determine what legal risks you or your business faces first and foremost. This depends on the website content and site activities.

Does your website provide advice and/or instructional information? This could expose your website to potential claims for reliance upon such information or advice. For example, you could be sued for negligence if someone suffers any damages based upon the advice or information contained on your medical information website.

One of the most important basic disclaimers every website offering information or advice should include relates to the accuracy or reliability of your website content. A basic website use disclaimer should also provide that your website makes no representation regarding the reliability of the site and that the visitors are accepting all risks by using your website.

Disclaiming that no attorney-client relationship exists by viewing the content of my blog is an example of a disclaimer specific to my website activity. Also, stating that all information is general in nature only and should not be taken as legal advice is another example of a specific disclaimer.

But, based upon how you use any given website disclaimer, it may be ineffective!

The value of any website disclaimer depends upon how skillfully they have been drafted and whether proper notice of the disclaimer is provided to website visitors. There is no “standard” language that applies to disclaimers. Each disclaimer you use should be drafted to include precise language that covers your website activities and how any content is intended to be used on your website. This means you should avoid generic language or language borrowed from another website.